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Multifaceted artist Macey Estes defies genres and bends your musical bias.  Often compared to R&B artists like Kehlani, she colors outside the typical lines of both pop and R&B, creating a sultry package that's vulnerable yet current. 

Macey knew she wanted to make music from the second she got onto the stage in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee.  Though she moved around and grew up living on both sides of the Atlantic, she pursued music wherever she was.  As an 18-year-old high school senior, she auditioned for “The Voice,” and even though she didn’t make it to the next round, her idol Christina Aguilera was quoted on the show saying “Macey has a really cool voice.”


The natural next step for this passionate musician was to learn how to make it.  Macey went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in music production at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, where she befriended her now frequent collaborator/fellow producer.  During her years at IU Macey also befriended her now manager and publicist, and her musical finesse multiplied when she landed an internship in Los Angeles with notable music industry executives in 2017.  Macey and her team collectively and completely coincidentally moved to LA in 2018 and helped Macey put out her first three singles in late 2018-2019 - ‘Crucify Me,’ ‘Call It Fate,’ and ‘Enemy’ respectively - as she was also performing at venues throughout LA such as the Hotel Café and Peppermint Club.

Macey and her team were ready to build on the momentum she was riding into 2020 with ... oblivious to what the year would have in store for us all.  Macey wore her heart on her sleeve while writing and creating her debut EP Save Yourself  as she touched on subjects of mental health, heartbreak, and self-worth.  These songs embody who Macey is as a lover, a fighter, and an all nighter, and this EP is a promise to continue to fight for love.  As a proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Macey is passionate about advocating for equality and acceptance.  Believing that everything happens for a reason, she is proud to share this project and hopes that it will help inspire others to keep following your dreams no matter how many hurdles stand in your way. 

​Influenced by artists like Jessie Reyez, Njomza, Alessia Cara and H.E.R., you can always expect Macey will bring honesty, attitude, and a funky-fresh sound.  With more stories to tell, the will to keep creating and support from friends and fans ... this is just the beginning for Macey Estes.

Save Yourself, the debut EP by Macey Estes, is now available everywhere.

"'Addicted' is luscious and nostalgic ... smooth and clean" - Death or Desire

"Macey Estes is a star. Not even in-the-making, though; she’s already made." - Savannah Davanzo, The Music Mermaid

DJ Denise and Barb Snelgrove of QueerFM interview Macey Estes on their August 18th, 2020 episode on / 101.9 FM

Macey has found success as a self-taught songwriter with her astounding positivity, dedication, and talent." - Annika Johnson, 'Macey Estes goes 1-on-1 with Unheard Gems' 

"...the R&B-tinged groover ('Everything Is You') spreads a sense of overwhelming elation and comfort through its heartwarming lyricism and equally jubilant vocal effort." - Billy Zeigler, Digital High



"Bassy synths and rhythms, as well as in your face melodies and lyrics give the jam a bold, sexy flavor that listeners will eat up. Rest assured, when you get to the club after bumping ['What We're Here For'] in the bedroom and the car, you’ll fee like you run the joint..." - Scott Orlansky, rockdafuqout

"In spite of everything that is happening, Macey Estes reminds us to celebrate ourselves indoors and safely with her new single 'What We’re Here For'. Layered with R&B slick smokiness, 'What We’re Here For' is a dance/chill-friendly piece where Macey’s silky vocals deliver the value of self-love." - AuPium

"As an artist she embodies honesty, attitude, and is not the type of artist to be slept on. When she makes music it is with a vengeance, and she will capture you with her essence and leave you feeling some type of way." - Samantha Cruz

"Macey’s music creates worlds. 'Wreck It All' needs to be heard." - LEFUTUREWAVE

Eddie Barco features 'Wreck It All' on his "Up & Coming Artists" series of the Nebula Music Podcast on May 18th, 2020

'Wreck It All' is @shirju's #FomoOfTheDay on May 1st, 2020

“Macey Estes is blurring the lines between contemporary R&B and Pop, creating honest and relatable tunes for the masses.” - Brian Delaney, rockdafuqout

“Estes has some incredible vocals, powerful yet understated and not overpowering, she has a silky smooth sound that is beautiful and pure.” - Hannah Schneider, unheardgems 

“‘Enemy’ is an upbeat R&B gem that highlights all of Macey’s lovable qualities as a songwriter and performer. It’s fun and it’s catchy but more importantly it’s a record that sticks out among the crowd and demands your attention right from the start.” - gems&secrets

“‘Call It Fate’ … is the laid-back soul-pop jam that wants to help you find the love you deserve.” - Krister Axel, chillfiltr

"Macey Estes is back with her new single 'Enemy' and it as expected is a grandiose piece of music. I adore  the powerful vocals which create an amazing musical landscape, [and] the melodies sound very innovative and showcase artistic insight." - LEFUTUREWAVE

"In one vocal take, she allows her voice in every shade of its intonation, sometimes feeling rugged, to steal away and really inhabit common universalities." - Jason Scott, B-sides & Badlands

"Macey is a young R&B singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice... a story to tell including temptation, fate, and love... [and] the kind of stripped down sound that wouldn’t seem to differ from a performance version."- Richardine Bartee, GRUNGECAKE

"... upon hearing [her] for the first time, we immediately fell in love. Not only does Macey have a rich and vibrant writing style, but she possesses a unique and powerful voice that both demands your attention and brings comfort to the soul." - gems&secrets

Meet Macey Estes - VoyageLA


C O N T A C T:

Manager: Matt Steinman -

Publicist: Caroline Warren -

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