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"'Addicted' is luscious and nostalgic ... smooth and clean" - Death or Desire

"Macey Estes is a star. Not even in-the-making, though; she’s already made." - Savannah Davanzo, The Music Mermaid

DJ Denise and Barb Snelgrove of QueerFM interview Macey Estes on their August 18th, 2020 episode on / 101.9 FM

"Macey has found success as a self-taught songwriter with her astounding positivity, dedication, and talent." - Annika Johnson, 'Macey Estes goes 1-on-1 with Unheard Gems' 

"...the R&B-tinged groover ('Everything Is You') spreads a sense of overwhelming elation and comfort through its heartwarming lyricism and equally jubilant vocal effort." - Billy Zeigler, Digital High

"Bassy synths and rhythms, as well as in your face melodies and lyrics give the jam a bold, sexy flavor that listeners will eat up. Rest assured, when you get to the club after bumping ['What We're Here For'] in the bedroom and the car, you’ll fee like you run the joint..." - Scott Orlansky, rockdafuqout

"In spite of everything that is happening, Macey Estes reminds us to celebrate ourselves indoors and safely with her new single 'What We’re Here For'. Layered with R&B slick smokiness, 'What We’re Here For' is a dance/chill-friendly piece where Macey’s silky vocals deliver the value of self-love." - AuPium

"As an artist she embodies honesty, attitude, and is not the type of artist to be slept on. When she makes music it is with a vengeance, and she will capture you with her essence and leave you feeling some type of way." - Samantha Cruz

"Macey’s music creates worlds. 'Wreck It All' needs to be heard." - LEFUTUREWAVE


Eddie Barco features 'Wreck It All' on his "Up & Coming Artists" series of the Nebula Music Podcast on May 18th, 2020


'Wreck It All' is @shirju's #FomoOfTheDay on May 1st, 2020


“Macey Estes is blurring the lines between contemporary R&B and Pop, creating honest and relatable tunes for the masses.”- Brian Delaney, rockdafuqout


“Estes has some incredible vocals, powerful yet understated and not overpowering, she has a silky smooth sound that is

beautiful and pure.”- Hannah Schneider, unheardgems 

“‘Enemy’ is an upbeat R&B gem that highlights all of Macey’s lovable qualities as a songwriter and performer. It’s fun and it’s catchy but more importantly it’s a record that sticks out among the crowd and demands your attention right from the start.” - gems&secrets

“‘Call It Fate’ … is the laid-back soul-pop jam that wants to help you find the love you deserve.” - Krister Axel, chillfiltr

"Macey Estes is back with her new single 'Enemy' and it as expected is a grandiose piece of music. I adore  the powerful vocals which create an amazing musical landscape, [and] the melodies sound very innovative and showcase artistic insight." - LEFUTUREWAVE

"In one vocal take, she allows her voice in every shade of its intonation, sometimes feeling rugged, to steal away and really inhabit common universalities." - Jason Scott, B-sides & Badlands

"Macey is a young R&B singer-songwriter with a beautiful voice... a story to tell including temptation, fate, and love... [and] the kind of stripped down sound that wouldn’t seem to differ from a performance version."- Richardine Bartee, GRUNGECAKE

"... upon hearing [her] for the first time, we immediately fell in love. Not only does Macey have a rich and vibrant writing style, but she possesses a unique and powerful voice that both demands your attention and brings comfort to the soul." - gems&secrets

Meet Macey Estes - VoyageLA

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